Nubble light house on fire

Nubble light house in York Maine is the most photographed light house in the country. I have seen this shot more times than I can count. When I’m there, it is not uncommon to be with half dozen other photographers at the same time. The thing is, most of them stand high up on the rocks and zoom in to the light house cropping out all this other good stuff. This day was no different, at least 6 other people up high ignoring all this beauty. I took this shot about 10 minutes prior to the sun rise. Because of that I was able to get a nice long 10 second shutter speed to silken up the water. Very little post processing was done on this as this really looked this good on that day.Big Smile


I love to take photos of fences. Very often a relatively unexciting landscape can become wow with the addition of a fence. I usually look for fences that are pretty old and have great character. I have used them as foreground objects, leading lines and at times the main focus. I am rarely disappointed by the effect of adding a fence. This was taken in Autumn in Po-Dunk New Hampshire. I couldn’t get back to it if I wanted. Shame as I think this would be a stunning photo with a fresh coating of snow.

A particularly stormy morning

The rocky coast of New Hampshire is not known for it’s big waves. We do, on occasion, have some really nice surf though. This is one of my favorite spots to take photos when the surf’s up. It’s one of the small sections of rocky coastline in Rye about 2 miles from where I love to surf. I have taken many shots here and posted one not too long ago. I posted this photo to a Google+ site the other day and it was very popular, so I thought I’d post for you all. Enjoy!